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To buy cheap shoes you can also contact local toms cyber monday stores to check prices. You can also consult with the local phone book to find shoe stores within the area.Therefore, make sure to check out individual sites for this aspect. The process takes time but saves you lots money.You need an internet connection with a relatively good speed, phone book, a telephone as well as friends and family members you can ask around for more information.When searching for shoes products online, you must be specific or exact. For example, to search for shoes for women, you must you the quotation sign thus “Cheap toms Shoes For Women”.People buy them of course, they get tempted. Then those who know what they bought would not use them more than three of four times because they won’t last.

With the cheap platform shoes, they can be made from materials that are not water proof or shock proof so they can literally melt or fall apart when they get wet. Worse, the cheap toms shoes sale that holds the parts together dissolve in water and it makes them separate, while using them.You may also do the same for other similar cyber monday toms for their search term cheap shoes for women to enable you compare and contract for better result.When measuring the feet, make sure to try at least one or two pairs of shoes to remain polite to the shoe salesman else they will think you used their services for nothing! You might be surprised to find you are able to buy much cheaper shoes from that very store.